Fish Mod v4.0 - Evolution - by weakthewimp created for Version 0.99b Beta 7 (2007-03-20)

Ok mainly fixed bugs and did number changes but also made a few new elements.
Eels are now fixed (they can stun sharks again) I rewrote all of the eel code >_<
Alright fish can now enter a piece of the earth element and turn into snakes, worms are the food for snakes. I added a tablet element that eliminates waste from dead fish just put it in the water and it will shoot cleaning elements upwards to the waste.
The main update is the fact that all of the fish now have the ability to swim in saltwater. That might not seem very great but it took me hours to copy the codes while replacing the water element with saltwater.
Plus i had to fix bugs about every 20 minutes so enjoy it :P
I might make a fish mod v.5 but it will most likely be the fish mod combined with another one of my mods.

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