Erik\'s electricity mod bta 0.3 by Erik created for Version hackyburningsand

this is my new mod... the bad part is that i had 2 cross the 200 limit (im stuck now on the 256 limit)

so i added some new things in this mod...
the name explains it:
its still in its testing fase!

the smoke is invisible and i added sparks who turn into ash
also you can heat water to cool, warm, hot, boiling and steam...

and you can heat up oil so it turns into nafta and gasoline... i also made the script for napalm but im stuck with the limit :(

the uranium doesn\'t go trugh earth and the nuclear explosion is changed so it won\'t cycles all the time :S

you can also turn on your heatpad with electricity and there are different kinds of electrical shocks and heatwavs...

when someone has problems or ideas set it into the description of a safe game

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