Bomb Mod v1 by weakthewimp created for Version 0.99b Beta 7 (2007-03-20)

Ive always wanted to make one of these(ever since i played with sephiroths gamma mod). Well I know it wont be as good as his but whatever.
Ok basicbomb is a simple explosion, the ??? bomb explodes into ???, the burner bomb explodes and leaves behind a lot of burner.
The gas 1 and 2 bombs are gas sources with an occasional spark and the gasmix bomb is the same but with both gases.
The transmitter, tower, and receiver, came from my old radio mod. Transmitter shoots out radio waves,and receiver explodes when it receives the waves. Tower is a path for radio waves(for example, u could put a straight line of earth down the middle of the screen, and a transmitter on one side and a receiver on the other and put a line of tower in the middle of the earth with both ends sticking out. Youll see what i mean.
The sparklers are an idea from my fish mod. Enjoy!

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