Weirdest mod by happy Man created for Version

ok ok ok this mod is WE(IRD) its is so weird that you should try it out first then try to make it and don,t worry the recipe does not need the same interaction elements that I used just use like crystal instead of fire or ??? instead of wall ok so heeeereees the recipe!! Red:159 Green:230 Blue:205
Weight:729 Spray:0 Viscousity:1 Slide:1
Deathrate:32768 Die to:fire
Clear:into greate and wall by 165
Clear:into greate and plant by 9193
Clear:into greate and fire by 10454
Clear:into greate and explosion by 32768
Clear:into greate and clear by 8128
[All]:into greate and greate not clear
Gravity on
Interactions on
Death on
Random brush -!---------------
Speed ---------------!

How to make burning sand frame recipe
Donít negate yourself to the elements that I used to make it use your own like instead of using wall us plant ok 

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