Electricty Mod by Plastik V.7.1 by Deathrate created for Version Umm most recent

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Here are the version histories
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Version History

Bold text means the latest version(s)

Version 1 includes:
- Battery (Container for battery acid which powers wires, automatically filled when placed, will drain gradually as it touches wire)
- Battery Acid (For refilling battery and poowering wires, drains away when touching wire)
- Wire (Current flows through it when it touuches battery acid or a live generator)
- Bulb (lights up when touching live wire) <
- Generator (Generates electricity when toucching water)
- Sparks (Appear when a live wire touches waater, set fire to wood, gas cera and plants)

Version 2 includes:
- More bulb colours
- Bulb is less likely to get stuck in a \'looop\' -where it lights up by itself
- Insulated wire added- allows for underwateer wires without danger of the water being electrified.

Version 3 includes:
- Sparks can now induce current in a wire iff they touch it (Idea by peewee1)
- Battery acid is now flammable (Idea by Dessu Ex Machina & Nanoko)
- New battery acid source added (Idea by commputer_geek\'s sister)

Version 4 includes:
- Switches- Treat them the same as wire whenn placing (aka- not too thick). Place a switch, then to turn it off, select the \'OFF\' element and click on the switch. Make sure the brush size isn\'t larger than the switch obviously. Use \'ON\' to turn it back on to allow current to flow again. Useful for cutting power to certain parts of a circuit for whatever reason
- Spark generator- attach to a live wire to create sparks*. Useful for lighting stuff and transferring current to other wires.
- (V4.1) Switches can be connected directly to a battery (by BlackNecro)
- (V4.1) Sparks now correctly transfer curreent to wires they touch
- (V4.2) Armageddon Virus- spreads through wwires preventing the flow of current and causes havoc if it contacts air. If it does get out, extinguisher can destroy it. The virus causes batteries to catch fire and unleash the virus into the outside, but this can be prevented with switches- viruses can\'t travel through them. The slighest bit of exposed wire will also release the virus. (Inspired by Mori)
- (V4.3) Water source- when powered up, prodduces water*
- (V4.3) Salt source- when powered up, produuces salt*
- (V4.3) Electric Burner- when powered up, pproduces fire*

*Note* The sources can sometimes take a while to power down once disconnected

Version 5 includes:
- Nuclear Power- For danger-lovers out theree, this is a more fun way of producing electricity. It\'s pretty simple... build a reactor, preferably a large one, place a layer of wire at the top, then half fill it with uranium. See the image for help. The inside of the reactor will slowly erode and eventually radiation will leak if you aren\'t careful. See the other image below for an example of what could potentially happen.
- Oil source- produces oil when powered up <
- (V5.1) All sources, like water, sparks, baattery acid etc, have been put into a new group
- (V5.1) Icons added for both groups, plus iicons for bulbs and radiation (All created with ADB\'s Hex-O-Matic icon maker)
- (V5.1) Gas generator added

Version 6 Includes:
- Laser beam- Good for destroying things in a different way to normal. For proper use, place a laser blocker behind the source and however far in front of it you want. Without it the laser can escape
- UV light - when powered up, causes Wall annd UV paint to glow for a short period. One known problem is that UV light causes falling elements to freeze. I suggest keeping any UV stuff separate from other items to prevent this (Idea by nicknam4)
- UV paint- is visible when you make it, butt as it dries becomes invisible. To see the outline, simply expose it to ultra violet light
-(V6.1 9/Dec/2006) Laser has more interactioons, including splitting salt water into salt and water
-(V6.1 9/Dec/2006) Radio triggered bombs addded. Place a radio transmitter and a radio bomb, hook up the transmitter to a power supply and the bomb will explode shortly after. Causes the same problem that UV light does (makes falling elements freeze temporarily)
-(v6.2 9/Dec/2006) Blue light bulb added (reequested by and dedicated to nicknam4)

Version 7 includes (25/Dec/2006):

New nuclear reactor- click here for instructions on use
Power stations can now be built- click here for instructions on use (Idea by Hazreihel)
New nuclear group with new icons- other icons have been added to other groups also
Snow Generator- a Christmas present from me to all Burning Sand players and modders. Merry Christmas ;)

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